Time Management

Everyone has the same amount of time. But not everyone uses it very well. If you’ve ever felt like you could use your time in your ministry better this post is for you.


Here are a few surefire ways to begin to multiply your time:

Develop others

At first, this takes more time. But after a few weeks or months, people begin to not only do what they’ve been trained to do but ask and seek to do more for you.

Invest in some tools

Calendars are so incredibly smart now. In fact, I’ve been using one suggested to me by Jim Wideman who heard about it from Matt McKee. It’s called Tempo Calender. It pulls all your emails, notes, etc. for the event that you are scheduled for. I can’t tell you how time this has saved me in meetings.

Prepare ahead of time

Proper preparation prevents poor production. Yeah it’s a little different, but it’s true. Preparing well helps you to perform better. That’s a big deal on the road to better!

Theme your days

I’m not sure where this idea originally came from, but I know that Mike Vardy, who writes over at productivityist.com is a huge proponent of it. I’ve been doing this for several years. It’s a great way to stay organized and on top of your tasks.


How do you prep sermons? When and where do you make phone calls? What do you use to make sure that you stay focused?

I’ve got a few of my routines that I hope to take you through soon that have saved me a ton of time over the years.


What are some of your time management tips to help us all get better?


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