The one thing to remember in getting the results you want.

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There was an interesting conversation to be had at the gym this week. I was in the locker room getting ready for the day and a guy that looked to be in his mid 40s-early 50s was talking with some guys about 20 years his elder. They were asking him so many questions about his workout routine.

Now the guy in question was in good shape, but he was being real humble about it. He just told them that I run 25-28 minutes as hard as I can 5 days a week. They asked him why. He said, “I’m trying not to die.”

Now we all know that ultimately his goal will go unfulfilled.

But as he answering, he followed up and asked them why. They didn’t have an answer.

I was thinking of the value that this conversation had for my own life.

I’ve been blogging for over 10 years. But over the last 3, I’ve just lost interest. There were some things going on personally and work was tough. But that wasn’t why I stopped. I didn’t have a goal at all.

I think that there were tons of people at the gym that day that didn’t have a goal.

I’ve seen so many how to set the right goals products out over the last few years.

But I think a lot of people struggle with just defining their goal.

A goal is a “desired result”.

What is your desired result?

Whatever you are trying to achieve in your life or in your ministry, it’s crucial to know what you are shooting for.

I’m not every planning on setting up a product for how to achieve your goals, but I’ve got one for my writing now and it’s making all the difference. I’m writing with more passion and zeal than every before.

What’s the goal? My desired result?

My goal in writing is to write something that will help my kids grow closer to Christ.

They aren’t old enough to even read it yet, but one day they will be.

So are you clear about what you’re shooting for this year?

That’s where we have to start.

So I told you my goal, what’s your goal for what you do?

Let’s lead our ministries this year closer to Christ!

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