Solo with the boys this weekend

Kristen is off at the Women’s Retreat with our church this weekend. So Dad + The Boys Weekend. I was super excited and really pumped about learning and just having a ball with the boys, but then early this morning, my eldest got a stomach bug.

So as Kristen stepped out the door this morning before 10 am. I’m a little freaked out by the possibility that I’ll be shackled in the house taking care of a sick boy.

But we had a blast today and I was reminded that even the mundane, everyday days are some of the best. I’m thankful that Christ always has more to give. If I didn’t have an infinite reserve to pull from His Spirit, I’m not sure where I would be.

The boys are gonna have a blast this weekend, even if we all end up sick!

What are some of your favorite Dad and Son things to do on a weekend? My boys are 5 and 1.5.


Also I’m looking forward to being in Atlanta in a few weeks for the Orange Conference. I’ve got lots of questions and hoping to be able to connect with some old friends. Let me know if you’ll be there. I’d love to hang out!

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