Orange Conference 2018


This April, Orange Conference is happening! It’s a conference that I’ve attended for many years. It’s been such a huge help to me in my ministry and probably much more to my personal life.


I wanted to share a few reasons why I think Orange is one of the best conferences you can attend as a church leader.

1. Exposure to New Voices

Oftentimes, we get stuck listening to the same ol’ voices. Now these voices have probably given life and have benefitted us, but often we need new perspective. New opinions, new approaches to ancient paths. You will hear from people who are different that you and that can add so much value to your leadership.

We need a shot in the arm in order to find new energy to attack the problems that seem so unique to our context.

Often, this exposure leads to new creative tactics and projects that we wouldn’t have ever taken on in any other context. Listening to different voices is so huge and I think this is such a great environment to do this.

2. Strategy

This has been the biggest help to my ministry through Orange. I always come away with a new strategic approach to a very common issue. Often, it’s not only the speakers, but also folks who have just met that are walking through some of the recently presented content. They are discussing context changes based on their environments.

It’s such a joy to listen to the strategic approaches being discussed by so many church leaders at Orange.

3. Contacts

Now for me, this has been the biggest impact personally. I’ve gained a mentor, ministry friends, and even more from being around folks at Orange. My life has literally changed because of the opportunities that came from attending, listening, and asking questions of those that are there.


You can register for Orange Conference at and make sure to find me at Orange. I would love to meet you and hear what God is doing in you and in your ministry.

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