#OC18 – Day 1 Recap


Last Night we wrapped up Day 1 of Orange Conference 2018. It was a great night. Heard 3 different perspectives about how we are Better Together.

I loved hearing about the need for Untiy in the Body of Christ, bringing the Future to Today and that Proximity changes Perspective.

I could give you the 85 tweets that folks shared, but I’m not sure that’s why you’re here. I just want to give you some things that I’m processing and thinking through.

Questions that I’m processing

  • What do I see in the future for my church? (not my job to dream it up, only to hear and respond to Christ)
  • How can I invite conversations with those who are unlike me?
  • Who or what do I need to get closer to in order to change my perspective to be more like Christ?

Things that I’m doing

  • Scheduling a meeting with another local church in town to ask how we can partner together.
  • Praying for the brokenness in my community to be revealed and healed.
  • Scheduled an hour to plan a meeting with local pastors to pray and connect.

Don’t forget the live streams for the conference, you can check them out here at live.theorangeconference.com

If you’re here make sure to say hello. Ping me @jcisonline

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