Eugene Peterson on Church Leaders Podcast

Eugene Peterson

I recently listened to Eugene Peterson on the Church Leaders Podcast. It was such an excellent listen and was extremely challenging for all leaders in ministry.

Eugene is a Pastor’s Pastor and I’ve read many of his books.

The biggest challenge for me from this podcast was just to spend more time with people. Listening and being with people are indispensable gifts for folks. It was also another reminder that God’s word and time with people are the skills of those called into ministry.

I’ll give you a few practical ways to get some time with people.

Put Coffee on your Calendar

Setup some regular times at a coffee shop. Invite people to come in and chat with you. You will be surprised how often people will take you up on this. You don’t have to pay, people really want your time more than they want you to pay for their coffee.

I think it’s important to use the same shop, over and over. This way you can also build connections with people that work at the shop as well. Great opportunity to listen in on others conversations.

Sign up for Community Events

This is something that we are looking forward to with Cannon going into Elementary school. We’ve got some guys taking martial arts classes, a few in an Ultimate Frisbee rec league. It’s really great if your church offers these things but it’s also an opportunity to make connections with people you don’t know.

Family Movie nights, farmer’s markets are all ways to get connected with people.

Lunch after Church

Be intentional about who you eat with after church. This is an opportunity to spend time with people. Find a place you can eat at on the regular and just change up who comes with you.

The Foyer

Where do people gather after your service? Be there to talk. Make yourself available to people. This is an opportunity to build relationships with people.


What are some of the places that you tend to gather with folks?

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