Orange Conference 2018

  This April, Orange Conference is happening! It's a conference that I've attended for many years. It's been such a huge help to me in my ministry and probably much more to my personal life.   I wanted to share a few reasons why I think Orange is one of the best conferences you can attend as a church leader. 1. Exposure to New Voices Oftentimes, we get stuck listening to the same ol' voices. Now these voices have probably given life and have benefitted us, but often we need … [Read more...]

The one thing to remember in getting the results you want.

gym weights

There was an interesting conversation to be had at the gym this week. I was in the locker room getting ready for the day and a guy that looked to be in his mid 40s-early 50s was talking with some guys about 20 years his elder. They were asking him so many questions about his workout routine. Now the guy in question was in good shape, but he was being real humble about it. He just told them that I run 25-28 minutes as hard as I can 5 days a week. They asked him why. He said, "I'm trying not to … [Read more...]

How to get God’s Word inside your heart

Vintage Bible

It's still the first week of the new year and you're probably thinking. I've missed a few days already, I'm such a failure. Instead, get on the horse today. The goal is godliness, not to check off all of your boxes. So I'd like to give you a guide on the purpose of Bible reading and some practical ways to get started or keep you going throughout the year. Purpose: Growing Relationship with God Sometimes we just skip past this whole thing. Through Bible Intake, you are interacting with God, … [Read more...]

Making this year count with your Spiritual Disciplines

Bible on Pulpit

I know what you're thinking, another resolution post. I've read a ton and didn't intend to add to the clutter. The more I thought about it, I just had to write this post. We must evaluate how we spend time with the Spiritual Disciplines. Have nothing to do with irreverent, silly myths. Rather train yourself for godliness; for while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come. The saying is … [Read more...]

Eugene Peterson on Church Leaders Podcast

Eugene Peterson

I recently listened to Eugene Peterson on the Church Leaders Podcast. It was such an excellent listen and was extremely challenging for all leaders in ministry. Eugene is a Pastor's Pastor and I've read many of his books. The biggest challenge for me from this podcast was just to spend more time with people. Listening and being with people are indispensable gifts for folks. It was also another reminder that God's word and time with people are the skills of those called into … [Read more...]

Time Management

Everyone has the same amount of time. But not everyone uses it very well. If you’ve ever felt like you could use your time in your ministry better this post is for you.   Here are a few surefire ways to begin to multiply your time: Develop others At first, this takes more time. But after a few weeks or months, people begin to not only do what they’ve been trained to do but ask and seek to do more for you. Invest in some tools Calendars are so incredibly smart now. In fact, I’ve … [Read more...]


  It's tough being a leader in ministry. It's not easy. We are called to be shepherds. We are called to live to a higher standard. Yet we live in a broken world, full of broken people. So what are some of the things that leaders in ministry struggle with the most? You know I can’t speak for everyone, but I can share some of my own struggles. Time Management There is so much work to be done and only 24 hours in the day. How can I make the most of my time to make the most … [Read more...]

Don’t be a Hero

heroic shot mountain

If you are trying to be a hero, you’re missing the point of being a leader. Think of yourself as not a hero but a developer. Someone who helps someone else takes steps, ultimately leading them to a destination, but not being the destination. Point others to Christ and to a place of personal growth led by the Spirit. Not to follow you.  It may seem to be a shift but it’s the difference between someone whose efforts make the long haul and someone whose work vanishes after they are gone. How can … [Read more...]

Make 2017 Your Best Yet

It's that time again. The New Year! For some this means excitement: changes, planning, goals and resolutions. For others it means failure and setbacks. Whatever you are looking at when it comes to 2017, one thing is clear, you can make a positive change for the better. For those of you in ministry, you are probably thinking of how to reach more people, share the gospel more clearly and connect others in relationships to help them pursue Jesus together. Most LIMs neglect one big thing … [Read more...]